Thursday, July 23, 2009

Doodles from '07-'08

Meowth! (of course)
Zelda's eyes, which I tried to continue the drawing, but it came out horrible.
A cute girl! Last year I had something for shading, I did drawings just to shade them xD I'll post more about it later.
Tima, from Metropolis! She's so cute, that movie made me cry a lot :o Also, it's not the film by Fritz Lang, it's that anime based on Ozamu Tezuka's manga. (wikipedia link)
This one is a drawing I made of a classrom colleague from my senior year at highschool. She was such a thin girl, but I think here she looks a lot healthier xD She also did some interesting poses!
These were some of the stuff I drew during my last year at school and my year at the preparatory course (last year).


  1. Layout gay, mas fofo! ^^ Queria ver Metropolis! Parece bonito!

  2. Oi Luiza,aqui é a Aline, vou acomanhar o seu blog. ^^
    adorei o layout dele, todo rosinha, como vc fez pra mudar?
    esse desenho me lembrou a aula de hj da faculdade de desenho de modelo vivo.
    como não tinha modelo, fui eu mesma a modelo x.x
    ficou muito bom!